Sunday, November 05, 2006

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Peace be with you!
Have you ever wonder?
How come I go to church every Sunday but feel no spiritual growth?
did I go wrong?
Is there really a God?
Did God created us or we created God?
Why are there so many religions?
What is the truth?

If you ever asked these questions,
You are but one of the millions of youths worldwide who are searching
the truth!
Give yourself a holiday!
Give yourself a retreat!
We, the Youth Ministry of Sarikei St. Anthony Parish invites you to our
first annual Youth Retreat 2006.
It will be held at Sibu Pastoral Centre, just few km from Sibu airport;
from 29 December 2006 till 1 Jan 2007.

Mind you, this is not a fun camp!
We shall lots of in-depth discussions, forum, fasting and a visit. We
open to all youths aged 16-30 years old;
christians and non-christians, catholics and non-catholics;
who are open enough and want to have better understanding of our
faith and of each other.
The closing date will be on 29 November 2006.
I attached the registration form, programme and topic details.

Do not force yourself to come.
Make sure you are clear about this retreat cause we do not want to
your time and money.
Take a good look at he programmes and you'll see what I mean.

:-Eric Cornelius Ling

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