Monday, November 13, 2006

"They are not in roars, they are singing hostel's song, they are 'cheering'. Yes, because it just after the orientation week, they are singing song quarters, it sounds like the roars."

"We will call the students and advice them that we have to respect each other. This is the university's responsibility to educate them rather than punishing them,"--

"No. We didn't see whether they were student union leaders or not. We see all of them as UPM students. We don't differentiate them. If we categorise them, then the investigation would not be transparent."

"This is not "Bully" ,"Bully" is incorrect words, this is only a small friction between students and circulated images also show that the students were very relaxed around this incident very 'localized' (partial), where occurred."

Ever heard all these verses before?? He dare to talk cock after that big MOB incident happened in UPM.. Talk as all the citizens still kids..

Now after few months..

"If the dress was not sexy, the incident would not have happened."

“MPPP is now studying into the existing dress code to see whether she had breached the dress code while attending the council full board meeting. “We need to look whether there is any loophole in the dress code,”

Another came out and talk cock to the whole country... But this one even greater.. Instead of just talking cock.. He in return find reason to sue the journalist back..

"GENG"~!!! I salute you ppl.. Can talk cock openly... Masuk TV lagi tu.. Walau.. Malaysia sure can masuk Genius book of record..


bring your cam more often to campus, can catch more of moment like this, later post it all over youtube. hehe