Sunday, November 12, 2006

My received Files folder are being haunted.. Last week I found out that my folder viewed a bloodly picture of two ppl kissing when I set my folder option to View Thumbnail.. as showned below..

Then I thought that its one of the content inside got picture like this.. So I decided to moved all of the picture files inside.. But it still the same.. After that.. i removed everything inside that folder.. but ITS STILL SAME~!!!!!! OMG...can someone help me?? tell me what the hell is that??

I really REMOVED everything already..~!!!!


No you haven't. Thumbnail file called "thumbnail.db" is a hidden file. You have to go to Tools - Folder Options - View - Show Hidden Files and Folder

and then delete that file


Ya... I think that is because of a hidden file... Try delete the whole folder lor... That's MSN receive file right? They will recreate themselve...


haha.. deleted le.. My view hidden file always on de.. cant see anything inside.. i also tot that its some hidden files.. but cant see anything


my chemical rimance .. ha ha ha .. that's a cool band bro