Friday, June 01, 2007

hehe... So today I wake up late a bit at around 6.20am... but fortunately I still can take the 7.05am train... Haha.. Just tat the train didnt come at all... The train arrived late at 7.2oam and is packed again.. damn.. but still consider good compare to 7.50am train.. haha.. How come my day never been perfect ar?? If its not KTM problem, it will be LRT prob.. IF my ktm journey is smooth, then i will need to worry about LRT for sure.. haha.. and today.. Its KTM prob... so.. when it comes to taking LRT.. wah... The LRT i take is empty le.. hahha. so nice.. but after tat got so much ppl also lar.. haha.. So... the result is that, I arrived at 8.15am... Hm.. considering Ah jen's idea(mc d) hahaha... Not acceptable.. cos i have my free breakfast provided by the company.. haha.. if i went to Mc d.. My salary burned.. haha.. ok lar.. tats all lar.. haha


then.. ermm go find some seat at the klcc lo.. they have a lot of seats ma.. buy one good book and read lo.. hahaha