Saturday, June 02, 2007


Wah.. My life is all about coding now.. SAP ABAP are indeed hard to learn due to its 'too sensitiveness' and some DUMB table.. haha.. I can't imagine what my life will be in two or three months to come.. I dont even have proper time to rest well.. How am I going to continue the things that I oledi started? Haih..

Yesterday I encounter few verses when I try to read some books.. "Life is all about relationship".. well.. true enuf.. Try to imagine what our life will be if we dont have friends around us.. It's like.. WAKE UP + GO TO WORK + SIT DOWN PROPERLY + TAKE BOOKS + OPEN LAPTOP + LISTEN TO THE COURSE + BACK HOME + SLEEP + REPEAT.... Walau eh.. I will die if I didnt have anyone to talk to.. Then another verse sound this way " Time is the best gift of one relatioship " .. Hmm.. The author explains it this way - Your children doesnt really needs your money most.. They wants YOU.. So.. by making yourslf free enuf to accompany them will be the best gift ever to your children.. hehe.. Agreed with this one? Now I wonder will I encountered with any relationship?? I mean.. After work with Accenture, do I really have TIME to be spend with the one I love?? Aiyo.. Guess I need to start making up some plan for my life d.. Else.. I guess my life will just be WORK + WORK + WORK + DIE + bla.. bla.. bla.. haha..

Recently Id try to settle down everything that were unsettled in my life.. Trying to be mature a bit, I added back Corinne's contact no to my hp.. Same goes for her friendster acc.. I guess, I have no reason to avoid any friendship from her anymore.. But not sure how much have I grew.. Just wait and see.. haha.. as end of this post.. Here the Photo for all the reader and a song for corinne..
To those who dont believe tat I actually didnt wear shirt in Redang.. NAH~~!! The proof is here.. hehe

The best photo that I Liked The MOST.. hehe

Supposely the best day of my life.. Ended up become the day of my regretness..

Listen at your own risk.. Dont laugh me.. Just simply a song..

This is what happened when you have quality Friends.. haha..

曾經: 詞 /曲:鄭凌旭
詞:27 / 7 / 2002 - 3 / 8 / 2002 曲:27 / 7 / 2002 - 3 / 8 / 2002

快樂的聊著天;吹著風 … …

曾經快樂的在一起;但它卻只是曾經;( 但是它最終卻只剩回憶 );
流下的淚水;已陪我漸漸入睡 … …

曾經的一切;將隨時間而流逝 … …


thanks for dropping by...u seemed to have a great time! BTW, u r in UPM? Since there's UPM Idol sign i saw...hahahaha...just being kpo...anyway...meeting with that whore would have been a very bad idea la...waht if...what if....hahaha...u guess la..


be strong, jimmy ol' pal.

i certainly agree with what life would be without people we call "Friends."

when u're down or need anyone to talk to, do remember all of us will be there for u.

a friend in need is a friend indeed.

just... be strong.

and, one more thing, i think u've done a good thing by facing ur fears all these while. all of us should appreciate every friendship available with those who deserve our trusts and faith.

i believe God is fair and He'll guide you through the days of your life just like what Alice told me before...

"If He brings you to it, He'll bring you through it."


leonard - hehe... I mean u just sit somewhere else far away to survey first.. kakakaka..

angel - heehhe... thanks thanks... i know what friends do i have and what kind of friend am i.. thanks..

Reply's really dull without friends..i can't stand one day without talking to people too..haha..

awhh..i can't listen to the song leh..don't know what's wrong with it..hmm...=.=


haha... hi there pianist.. the song?? err.. not sure wats the prob also.. haha. may be need to load a while?? hehe.. oh ya.. nice to meet u ..hahaakka


hahahahahaha:)) i cant listen to e song