Thursday, June 07, 2007

Second week of Abap training in Accenture went on quite smooth for me... except for the part where I accidentaly fell asleep.. hehe.. One good things is that I get to know all my Teammate more and more.. haha.. Yo GUYs.. U GUYS ROCKS~!! but dont too bangga la.. hahaha...

Ok, Whats with my title " Salam." .. Today when Im coming back, I met up with some arabian looks oba-san~~.. 5 of them I guess.. one oba-san, two kids, and two lady... The first impression i get from them is that " Ei ?? ... Black and white.. haha.. " -- coz 2 out of five are white while all other are quite dark.. While I'm still lingering in my own mind-set world, suddenly this Oba-san turn to me and greet me " SALAM~~~ " politely and softly... SO.. being a friendly guy for 23 years, I greeted back " SALAM ~~" politely and gently... Yeah.. there I tot Ive done a good job d.. but that Oba-san show a damn big reaction of surprise.. I was like =.=" .. want meh.. U greet me first wor.. Then asked me few question like " Are you Malay? " The dialog goes like this : -

Oba : Are you Malay??
blur JiNG : Haha.. No.. I'm Chinese ( =.="""" .. I look like malay meh?? )
Oba : Ooooo.... ( turn away )
Oba again : Some chinese I met before... When I say "Salam.." They "bla bla bla" ( I dunno what
she said.. She Geleng kepala ) *but I get what she mean lar.. Means they not hiu
blur JiNG : oh is it? .. ( not dare to say too much for i didnt catch the actual words )
Oba : But some chinese like you, very nice.. they replied.. hehe..
Proud JiNG : Oo.. is it?? HEHE ( damn proud now )

-- then the lift arrived at her destined level.. Being in the middle of my own PROUDNESS, i say "SEE YA" hahaha... damn happy..

Well, this Oba-san are a really very polite Oba and i get to know she is from Sudan from the conversation.. haha.. Well.. If all Malaysian behave like this.. I guess Malaysia will be heaven d.. haha.. But most Malaysian only talk cocks all day long.. Even country leader also talk cock.. Diu.. Everyday come out say what MEMBASMI KEMISKINAN lar .. What will give budget to REPAIR WATER SYSTEM in some kampung lar... bla bla bla lar.. Diu lei... Say so much for what, no action one.. Say wanna help Rakyat, but keep on increasing the toll.. Diu lei ar .. If you derma 1% of your monthly income to one kampung, I believe that kampung can live a life like what I have in Serdang liao lor... We eat Roti Canai nia everyday , you eat all nice nice soup.. We jimat duit by taking LRT, You once come, need to block the road for you.. My parent took 10 years saving money to buy our own house, Your one Wedding nia oledi 10 times more than the amount d... See the differents between our life?? You not worth to talk cock infront of us lar.. Make me damn du lan nia sometimes.. haha..

Wah.. I just knew I got so many things to say about them.. cham.. tired d.. Sleep first.. Tomolo cannot be late liao.. haha..

Pam one full tank need RM35.. haih.. Damn pain my heart..


your first part is good reading.. but then the second part turn to hate.. haha.. yeah.. everyone is talking about the gov not doing this and tat lo.. but i believe we have our duties too.. VOTE.. HAHAHA.. so better go register now.. i know next charles will say.. VOTE also no use.. sure kalah one DAP.. then i will say.. then u go for the election la.. buka party la.. then charles will say.. also no use one ho.. buka party stil kalah one.. hahahaha.. well.. in the end.. it all comes back to us.. we have our own duties to perform too.. kemiskinan? then.. let us kurangkan our roti canai to ais kosong only la.. then donate tat RM1 to the poor.. hahahahahahahahaha..


I cant help i didnt talk cock mah... haha.. they talk cock and DEMAND US to sacrifice our income for the good for nth things.. say for the poor lar... sure all masuk their own poket.. ma de..

Reply must be happy the whole day cuz some foreign people praise you..haha..aiya..government is like that d lah..some good (a few,i think?) and some teruk.they dai sai mer..we under them,ma have to be kuli for them lor..hmm...=.=


ha ha ha .. gud boy.


pianist - haha.. yalor... sien le.. ai.. i must become tauke in five years then go back sarawak live liao.. sarawak better..haha

cibol - u just know meh?? hehe.. im always a good boy ... haha