Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I get my birthday Present earlier than I tot.. uwahhahaha... As promised , My Brother and My Ah Sou ( Christine ) will buy me a cd player for car, and a set of seat cover... Wuahahha... so last saturday we head to Puchong for Borthers.... Sadly (YEAH~!!) the promotion model already out... so this is the cheapest one we can get from brothers.. My Da Ge says, " I keluar HALF lar" wuahaha.. so for this player.. need to thanks my AH SOU, and my DA GE..

After that we head to Kelana Jaya for another Brothers... We found the seat cover.. we Bought it and have it install on my car.. wuahhahaha.. now all red red o.. Thanks to My second brother.. Mr Tang.. After that , we arrived at Wang utama.. with my half opened eyes and 10% conciusness, I redeemed my third present.. wuhahaaha.. formal slack for my interview used... Thanks DA GE~!! wuahaha..

and Most of all.. still need to thanks most to my second bro, MR Tang.. for His Kancil..wauhahaha...

I'm Waiting for My friends to give me present oo... wuahahhahaha... last year liao.. dont lokek lar.. wuakakakakakaka..........


cilaka u, call me Charles' Aunt pula. how dare u... mahu kena hentam is it?

regarding ur previous post in friendster, sorry that im not able to comment using my account any longer. im shutting my friendster for good... anyway, Friday the 13th memang malang. for me as well. in fact, everyone... but dont be superstitious.

a good thing u know that going to bukit tinggi can get u sick. so, next time, when u want ot work, can go bukit tinggi again, then sick, get MC, rest at home. muahaha. but before u go, remember to ask Alice and i.

take care, pak cik.


pakcik jimmy .. he he he. so long u no post here. im actually dun really go to frenster blog. he he he .. since now ur moving back here. i will visit here more often la .. hope that u will write more often also .. he he he .. all the best in your interview. yup, i'll be in kucing 2-8 may. if i passed the training i'll be working in putrajaya, so .. pray for me la. he he he ..


angel - nah.. actually im damn soi on the day after the 13th the friday.. either its coincidence or i memang soi whole year, wuhahahaha...

chibald - yo... waahha.. will remember ur commandment in mind.. wuakaka.. and good luck yo. putrajaya.. wao..its ur place here ..waahhaha.. bye