Sunday, April 29, 2007

Damn.. Everytime when I tot Im free from those feeling d, surely it will come and hunt me down... WTF man.~! First.. I set a different goal to archieve.. Something like, Prayer group in KL.. Carrying this goal, I go and approach few sarikeian and try to get well with them.. But i guess.. Its just another escape from me.. ITs not tat I really want to serve Him... Altho at first i tot i was.. but things changed.. desire also change.. Sorry to the Kancil gang.. I might been using you guys to get away from tat feeling.. I was thinking am I doing the right things here and there.. and I start to sense that the feeling is coming back to me last saturday.. Tats why I requested for an outing without any plan.. sorry charles.. I guess I just cant run away from it.. Again, posting this out, not to let others pity on me,but just to share what happened to me as I said I know what will happen on this year birthday.. It indeed did happen that way.. damn..

Come on.. Get away from me.. NAH~~!!!!!



hey.. we all have fun.. used us or not.. well.. we have fun.. so don bother bout it.. instead.. i would propose more unplanned outings like tat hahaha.. just hoping tat we will have a bigger car.. hahahaha.. KANCIL GANGS.. ROCK...