Sunday, April 29, 2007

WUAHAHHA.. I'm back.. Just now browse thro my backup disk.. found back many meaningful things.. lah.. My life not just about her.. diu lar.. let me share one of the things that make me happy just now.. hehe.. altho last time posted d.. nvm.. post again..

Download better lar.. only 2mb


tat really brings back memory.. when life was much easier and less stressful.. lets organize one too in the near future..


walao ehh.. i baru finish watching it.. how come all my fights one.. pertarungan tanpa akhir.. i guess i am the greatest warrior tats why so many ppl wanna kill me.. hahahah.. and lately arr.. u and charles arr.. are using blog to make fun of me ho.. i can sue u for defamation u know.. hahaha.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIM..