Sunday, April 22, 2007

Yeah to my Brother and my Ah sou.. Congrates!! Congrates!! ... Wish you both happy ever after.. Gembira tambah lagi Gembira di setiap hari... 天天都会快快乐乐的~!!! Photo taken from

I'm behind them.. Wuakaka.. not in the camera also..
Im on his right.. hehe.. not in the camera.. haih..
Me sudah balik tidur.. wuakakaka.
Congrates Congrates to You~!!

Tung and Christine 20-04-2007


"Tung and Christine 20-04-2007"

you are tang tung jing
then i suppose your bro is tang tung tung?

nice name.



ei...Jing ur bro loOks very mafia leh~~ but good mafia la..anyways CONGRATULATIONS TO BOTH OF THEM and WISH THEM ETERNAL HAPPINESS~~~ GOD BLESS THEM and THEIR FAMILY and YOU TOO.


charles--wuahhaha... Im Tang Dung Ging lar.. He is Tang Tung Ai, all thanks to malaysian stupid receptionist, he have dif middle name as we do.. wuahakakka..

alice-- mafia le... thats why i dare to be fren with u.. dont hurt me o.. my power is more hebat than urs..waukakakakak


ur bro more hensom .. ha ha ha .. eh u when la???


haha... me?? not so fast lar... haven found another half yet...


oo .. now only first half la .. still got second half ma .. dun worry .. man man lor


muahahaha... how come charles can come up with such a cute name for jing's brother???

charles, memang soooo smart. muahaha...