Sunday, April 29, 2007

My Birthday always turned out to be a great one for me each new year... I still remember the last year while im still in sarikei, those naugthy amy's group bake their own cake and sneak into my house without my knowledge.. so.. i end up Scared by them rather than feeling surprise.. diu.. if i die tat day, no more kancil gang luh.. haha.. well.. cheese cake by them are quite nice.. Then two years had passed on and im in my second year of my uni life... Tat birthday is a memoriable one too.. Start with My housemate helding a small party for me, then my society bought me a cake during the meeting, and most memoriable will be, Father Chris announced my birthday in the St.Anne chapel during mass.. followed by the birthday song by the whole choir.. Wah.. tats a great memory for me.. hehe..

This year suppose to be the greatest and most memorable one.. I get my present even before my birthday arrived.. WEll..first i get cd player from my Ah sou.. then a seat cover from my brother.. A formal seluar from my big bro.. A celebration by Kancil gang,a steamboat gathering with some good frens, interview's shirt by kancil gang also, then Secret recipe cake from my brother and ah sou.. And tomolo will be having dinner with my housemates... But somehow.. My feeling get blew away and i dunno why or what cause it.. I'm quite down now.. so pardon me if i didnt reply ur message or sms.. Hope tomolo will be a different day.. Happy birthday to me.. hehe..
A cake from my bro and ah sou..


What a blessed life you've there. Make me envy nia...

The last birthday that I celebrated with friends was my 18th birthday leh~ How pathetic!

Not everyone will remember my birthday leh. Cause it falls on Dec where everybody is probably enjoying their holiday...

You are 100 times more lucky than me lo...


yeah.. be grateful.. i have had a lot of bad birthday before.. my birthday always fall on the exam time.. Fxxx DE.. hahaha.. i also remember during ur birthday me ah jiew, caroline, who else.. i don remember make cake at ah jiew house.. and turn out the cake too sweet.. but it was a time to remember hahahaha..


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