Sunday, September 02, 2007

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Well.. Unlike those oldies, nowaday more and more street singers and local acoustic music clubs are getting into the music world by their own efforts.. Actually, even before NameWee crafted his name as a famous street singer and composer, there are lots more amateur singers and composers out there filled with lots of talent..

Well.. Of cos.. They don't sing like NameWee(singing out the truth), but they too have their own talent in writting songs.. Frankly speaking, I guess if these ppl are in Taiwan, they will surely got their name known to the whole world.. Enjoy the music.. give comment too ya.. The song composer for this song is my friend.. Ah fou from USM's The Wanderers. The singer is not my fren.. haha.. but he is a friend of ah fou.. The song name is "Come back".

Opps.. Haha.. Sorry gal.. I'm too tempted to put my face in the post.. haha..

p/s: Please ignore the gal behind.. Please i beg you.. If not.. I can't live until tomolo i guess. hahaha..

10 Comments ju on behind! Ha ha ha! Thanks for dropping by at my blog have a great site too!


Wuahahahhaha... yayaya.. got ju on.. opps.. shh~~ .. dont too loud.. hahaha


haha... ya.. but just a basic lar.. not as great as this guy and cibol.. haha


on ur previous blog for ur convo:

we've got a common friend! haha.. Ay Wen was my primary/highschool mate ;D


huh?? is it?? Wuahahha.. Just know her for around 4 months i guess.. we work together.. haha..

nice nice.. im gonna korek some rahsia from u if got chance... waukakakaka

hows the cousin? I will post up a post for her too but please update us when anyone found her, ok? God Bless..