Monday, September 17, 2007

Watak Utama this time.. hehe

Pegawai Upm Rampas student's laptop because of some reasons and when the student asked for the authorities's letter to have his laptop taken, the officer refuse to give one.. Or may be he dont even have one to begin with.. wuhahaha.. Let the video says it all.. see the video here.. .. Frankly speaking.. Chinese student should learn how to speak BM more lar.. hahaha.. In the video, none of them can really convey their point well in BM except for the two student who arrived at the end of the video.. Our MCA is having the same problems i guess, many of them got lots of good ideas, but they just cannot convey the point well in BM.. Thats why they cant really debate in Parliment... Hehe..

The last time I posted about Keganasan UPM, I was afraid that the UPM authorities may kick me out of the school cos I'm still a student there.. But now, WUahahhahahaha... Who cares man.. I'm out of UPM now.. waukakakakakkakaka.. UPM~!!!! I'm gonna post more and more news about you if you dare to do stupid things again.. Waaahahahaha.. Ok.. Need to sleep d. Good nite..


aise! sungguh memalukan UPM "tercinta".




haih.. can they do that? too much porn there is it? he he.. they have no rights to do that... get a lawyer and sue the uni for misconducting...


They eat full full, nothing to do hay? :P
BTW, I tag u! :P


as if wat u write here is gonna change anything. *snickers*
not condemning, but let's face it. ur blog ain't tat popular.
*big grin*


tulipspeaks - lol.. u from upm??

clement - porn?? haha, most probably.. thats why they also wanna have a hand on it.. heheh

MonkeyWong - lol.. they too free le.. really one.. u can come to upm to see see.. haha

anonymous - Face it?? oh.. its like when you stepped on a shit, you would just say, oh.. its shit, lets face it, let the shit be there.. no need to wash.. lah.. facing the truth got lots of ways, your kind of faced it is a coward act, man..


haih.. it's a little too much.. I've asked my fren in upm, all also duno what happened... little dwarf is in kolej 17, she don't care about other colleges...
to anonymous... at least he's doing something about it, not like you, only complaining.


haha...parlimen ppl also cannot talk well in BM mah...u can see it from news on TV1.. Summore got some scolding here and there like ah beng


what a shame and once again it proves Malaysia people use force to solve problem. I could see the students are asking for fair game, but the stupid party was like kampung shan1fan1. I think people misuse the word "Malaysia Boleh!" Malaysia mana boleh improve.


Clement - little dwaft know nth one lar.. she only know chapel things nia.. hahha

DragonCity - hahaha.. Tats why DAP and MCA hard to win.. haih..

nevermind me - lol... Remember, its not racial issue, its authorities issue..