Sunday, September 02, 2007

There are something that a bald head ppl most afraid of...
These good friends of mine.. haih.. Keep on touching my Nice Shinning and Golden Bald head with their dunno dirty or not hands.. haih... No wonder my head got pimples lar, you ppl keep on Rubbing my head... Nah.. Dont care ar.. Those who touched my head and hair, Please pay RM1 per once.. hahahaha... If not I ask Cedric to Saman you.. wuahahahhaha..

p/s: These one counted as participation in Photo hunter or not ar?? haha.. Hope I'm not too late for this theme...

ATTENTION: Please help to locate this gal..

Please visit Jean to have the most update news on her.. Please contact the number in her blog if you happen to met this leng lui somewhere in your area... She expected still in KL and heading to Ipoh.. Thanks ya..


Sigh, young people have so much fun... :-)

The girl? OK, I will check out the blog..


hehe... ya.. we had fun in the kl tower.. kekekke..

the gal.. pity her family.. hopefuly she will come back.. at least give a call..


lol... provided if u wash ur hand after you go toilet.. wauhahhah