Thursday, September 20, 2007

lalalala... Kena stigmatized by Clareng and Monkey Wong.. =.="" . So many ppl wanna me die... lol.. ok ok.. The rules are easy.. Just list out 8 things you don't like ppl to ask/say to you.

1. Am I pretty?? I'm Pretty rite?? rite?? rite??
- diu.. gals.. please dont ask me this question.. I wont layan you.. hahaha..

2. You said Am I right? It's like tat rigth?? You say right or not? (Especially salesman)
- diu lei ar... You keep on asking like tat, how you expect me to say "NO~!! ITS NOT RIGHT."~!!!".. Haih.. Genius is too soft and too good hearted to make them lose their face in front of client.. diu..

3. (When I keep my hair)-Your long hair not nice lar... (So I go cut my hair) - Eh~!! You look more man when you keep your hair.
- =.=""" Diu ni KNN SAI~!! Just say im not leng chai lar.. I understand one lar.. diu..

4. Eh.. I don't understand why Malaysia so dirty lar.. (While talking, he throw the rubbish on the floor)
- ........................ *Speechless* .. This guy more genius than me..

5. Brother brother.. Please donate this tat bla bla bla....
- I geleng geleng kepala, she still standing there.. I angkat tangan geleng sama sama my kepala, she still there... (((MCB!%$&$%*(%*&%))) .. haih.. I no money lar..

6. You still single arr?? How come??
- Err.. ok.. I'm not leng chai enuf.. Intro some gal to me lar.. diu.. Talk so much.. hahaha

7. Miss me???
- =.="" Be my Gf?? If you do, then I am.. hahaha...

8. Congratulation~!!!! You are TAGGED~!!!
- Wuahahahhahaha... ok ok .. I dont hate this one lar.. at least it gave me reason to update my blog.. hahhahaha.. Thanks ya Clare and Monkey.. hahaha...

I wanna Tag ... err..

1. CY
3. AW


Thank you for doing the tag! You are freed from stigmatized. Wakakakakakkakaka!!! =)


he he he .. the part when people owes ask me "when are u getting married?" seems like very annoying sometimes ..