Thursday, September 06, 2007

How its felt to run away from home?? Felt great, huh?? So now you know its fun to be rebelious against your parent huh? Run away from home to show to your parent that you can actually CHOOSE your own path and you no longer need their guidance?? Noted to them that they must flee you from the cage that has took away your freedom all this while?? That you want to cut off the string that bind you all this while?? Do you realised what had you done?? Do you ever think of all the circumstances that might happen?? Do you ever care for their feeling?? Why so many children out there chose to run away from home? Who to blame actually? If you ask them, they will for sure telling you that their parent are not open enuf, that their parent controled their freedom and locked them away from the world that they wished to live in. Then that's why they chose to be rebelious and ran away from home to show to their parent that they can actually live life on their own.. Humans are actually very weird living things.. They can trust and believe in those whom they just knew and go against those who had taken care of them for the past 20+ years.. May be because they judged ppl by the sum of the mistakes made by those they knew? So for these new guy, his chance of showing his weakness and mistakes are lesser compare to the parent who had more than 20 years to show their weakness? Its not fair rite? But so sorry, thats what you are.

If you continue to think your way, and pass the thinking to your children next time, I wonder what the future will be... May be future parents only need to take care of their children for 20 years and after that can release them off to the city to live on their own? or may be they will adopt a Zoo's management style, who feed their animals and free them after they are big enuf.. Then jobs done.. yeah... Whether you are dead or alive, it doesnt concern me anymore, since I did my job already.. Who the hell in the world had never quarel with their parents? Who can actually admit that their parents actually AGREED on whatever things they wanted to do? Who dare to tell me that their parent doesnt love them at all?? You said your parent controled you without considering your feeling? Then did you ever considered their feeling when you ran away from home? In the end, you were doing the same sins which you hate your parent to do to you. So you think that you are big enough to choose your own road?? No need to care for your parent anymore?? Hello.. who paid for your milks? Who paid for your schools fees?? Who paid for the cloths that you took with you when you ran away from home?? Do you think you can have the body and brain which allowed you to run away from home if not because of your parent??

How can you claimed to be wise enuf to live on your own when you can't even see through the love that your parent had shown you all this while? Why can't you calm down a little bit, talk to your parent in a correct way in the right time with the right attitude? Who are the one that didnt really think for others? Who are the one that are not considerate enuf? The one who poured too much love on their love one? or the one who ignored the love which had been poured on them? No matter how bad your parent looks to be, they all love you.. If not, why do they wasted their money on you? Do you know that if they threw you into rubbish bin last time and saved the money that used on you all this while, they could have bought a banglo and live happily ever after? Why did they chose a road that tooks away their money and time? There's only one word that can explain all this.. Its LOVE..

A song for you: Click to listen.

A song for you.. Remember, LOVE should be the value between you and your parent. Think before you act.. Act only after you are calm enough.. All the best to all youngsters... God bless.


Oi! last picture you sat there like meditate liddat wan.


Lol... Simbolizing that someone need to be calm in order to act wisely.. HAHA... Got smoke somemore you know.. cos my brother smoke while taking my picture.. kekekke


Good post with love, u're indeed a genius. :P


one word: meaningful...~ cheers!


i am sorry i get the facts wrong the other day

d bastard i said i saw d other day in my class was danny wen.....i cant even get his name right....
yeah, his face....totally asking me to sepak.........

that shorty...

with big specs and a cap...beginning for ppl to notice him yet wanna pretend to cover his face..NOBODY in my college recognise him..........sorry, it wasnt daniel lee


MonkeyWong - lol .. Thanks thanks..

Clare - hehee.. meaningful le.. waukakakaakka... But really too many ppl ran away from home d.. fuh..

Roses - eh.. I know you are talking about danny wen.. If its daniel lee, i lagi dont care.. waukakaka


u wanna run away from home? then, why suddenly so sentimental???



aiyak... you dont read properly... hahahaha.. go read it again..


dont want to read again. quickly run away la.