Thursday, August 16, 2007

At first, I wanna write about Ghost story after I read Helen's post.. And then I also want to write about True Love after I read YuinYin post... But when I came across [GhostLine] about the Cabinet rejected apology from NAMEWEE, walau eh... It makes me wanna talk something about this ppl d..

Nah.. I'm quite lazy to type now.. haha..

We sing...

They also sing..

We sing louder..

They go and shout..

When we complain they sing too loud.. We get answer like this..

They are 'all pumped up' after playing a rugby game.. And they are not shouting, They are singing lagu kolej mah..""

Few more verse to read here --

So the action were?

"We will call the students and advice them that we have to respect each other. This is the university's responsibility to educate them rather than punishing them," he told a packed press conference in the university today (Aug 18, 2006).

"We are not lenient. But we want to educate them. Don't make judgment just because of this incident. Give them another chance."

And they get away without even saying "SORRY"..

But what we get??

“If he had committed an offence, which I think was an offence, then we must allow the Attorney General to investigate and decide whether to take him to court,” he said.

“To not prosecute him is not ‘on’ at all because he has committed an offence against the nation and no one, not the Cabinet or political parties, are in the position to forgive him,” he said.

“It is not an issue of ethnicity or being racial but against national interest,” he said.

And one last best verse..

“Malaysia Negaraku ku. 'Ku ku' can also mean ‘cuckoo’ so it was insulting. I don’t think this was done out of ignorance. He was a university student and he meant to insult the national song,” he said.

LoL~!!! Hey Minister.. You just insulted the country by claiming that Negaraku ku should be read as Negara kuku... We all read it as Negaraku ku Ma (Defined as "SAYA PUNYA "NEGARAKU").. Should you be persecuted also?? wuakakkaka


A good one, Jing!
haih... we r living in a very complicated country being dominated by we all know who... wat to do, simply sing song also will kena sue.


aiya..what to do? You have to accept that. If you make noise, hrmm hrrm..then "It is not an issue of ethnicity or being racial but against national interest".. got it?
what is the meaning of Kuku? kakaa.. you know i know.


Good one! The ironic and contrast between 2 similar incidents.


I agree with you. Think we're all dai len ong when they say the race card is not an issue?

Sudirman was wearing a freaking flag as his costume for heaven sake!

*shake head*


anonymous - HAHA... next time we should jerit Negaraku not sing.. may be they will say that we are patriotic tat way.. haha ..

Watermelon - aiks.. i hope they wont accuse these post as making "noice" gua.. haha.. hehem~~ "KUKU" in my post is meant to be "nail" in english.. please dont ""misunderstand"" ya.. keke

Jasonmumbles - Thanks thanks.. it just happen that last time i also post about tat, so suddenly tot of it lor.. hehe

Alice - yeah yeah.. thanks a lot.. kaka.. when can come out yam cha again?? haha

Helen - Aiyak... This is not the worst excuses they gave lor.. last time even more stupid one le.. haha..but Surdiman is my!!