Sunday, August 12, 2007

Long Awaited IJOK's Beggar Chicken!!! Why called it Long Awaited? Because they already planned for it since JAN in this PIG year.. but seems like they never successfully went there before. Yesterday was a histories for this Long Awaited Jalan Jalan Cari Makan.. They finaly gathered enough ppl and successfuly booked the table also at the restaurant near Ijok. The best part was that I was one of them in the group.. wuakakaka.. So nice.. I'll let u see the food that we were suppose to eat yesterday.. keke

Walau eh.. nice le.. I was in damn high spirit le when they all planned to go and I was counted in.. ooOOoo.. So, on 11th August, which was yesterday.. We all met at Caltex petrol station before departed to Ijok.. I was sitting in the nicest car on earth le... Wuahaha.. The car damn nice... It's civic..

I was touching here and there before a motorbike BANG~ into this car and the side back of the car gone.. shit..
Damn.. Then all the things started to get so happening, some stop their car and have a look, some just continue with their speeding on the road, many Indians stop by and trying to help the motorcyclist.. I was there to ba gua also.. keke... until I kena langgar by the Lorry when the lorry goes backward without looking at me.. cilaka punya driver.. MC%^%!$##$a/a^#@..

So, basically yesterday quite bad luck lor.. 1. Raining when we attent convo at mmu, 2. bad headache, 3. The nice car kena BANG~ 4. no more ijok's beggar chicken ;( then 5. Kena langgar lori somemore.. CCB~!! Ok.. Nvm with this.. After that we went to Balai Police in Kuala Selangor and saw a big big Light board with a big big words stated " MESRA CEPAT dan BETUL ".. wah.. haha.. MESRA?? - Tak mesra langsung when the police came and asked all of us to KELUAR dari balai polis. " BAWA ALL KERETA KAU, LETAK KAT LUAR SANA, SEMUA ORANG KELUAR JUGA. " =.="" Walau eh.. I pay the tax le(bapa saya bayar).. I can't even step into balai polis?? WTF.. haih.. CEPAT?? - damn.. We waited damn gao long just for a simple duple report.. " Saya check tak ada orang, jadi U-Turn, mana tau, Dia langgar saya " =.="" WTH the police is doing?? Taking more than an hour just to finish this sentence?? haih.. haih.. I'm damn tired now and also dunno what I wrote d. haha.. We end up having our late dinner at Restaurant Sungai Yu..

P/s: all the photos above are taken from LELY, a food blogger. She was in the group also.. kekekeke..


hah... u kena langgar by tt lori ah... adoi... how come dinna ask for RM100 tong-yok-fai wan... if got then can break-even dy... ;Þ


Tat lorry lar.. cilaka one.. langgar me.. haih.. nvm lar.. im too nice to ask for money..wukakakakak


hi, where's ijok anyway? =P i sesat in geografi. nice chicken =).


aisheh u got hit ? so sorry..
hey tat begger/;s chicken is damn famous huh..heard bout it when was in Ijok during the BUY-election :P keke..
didnt have to time to eat


littlepolaris - ijok is in between sungai buloh and kuala selangor.. Actually i also dunno.. wukakaka.. i just followed my colleague go..

Mandelism - Yeah lar.. got hit out of no where.. shit one.. and damn sad also cant have the begger chicken.. ei.. u go there election tat time ar? i heard tat place is damn important to BN.. any news ka? kakaka


helen - not my car.. my boss car.. hahaha.. He said its ok already.. still steady and ready to go on road... kakakka