Thursday, August 30, 2007

Nissan Drift in Putra Jaya.. ;P

I just bought a new car... and just now I tried my new car at our kebanggaan Putra Jaya.. Hey.. I can drift my car le.. hahaha.. Take a look at my new car..

Nissan Z and Nissan Silvia??

Same as yesterday.. I was tired and can't write too much.. Let the video tell the story lar.. haha..


Samuel Law said...

Good post! Very funny!!

Keep on writing in the free world!

-Bloggers United-

clement said...


JiNG said...

Samuel - hahaha... Thanks thanks... you from Blogger United?? haha..

Clement - wah... every comment also muahaha nia.. haha.. my post tat lame meh??haha

Angel Valerie said...

boo... gramps... u bought those cars, right, right... gimme a ride soon.

daniel said...

Daniel here. I LOLed after watching the video clip. You deceived me.

JiNG said...

Angel - wauhahaha... I afraid i cant let you ride my car... as you will surely damaged my car... wauhahaahha.. u keep fit lar.. keep fit until u are as small as an ant.. hahahha

Daniel - yo .. Thanks for passing by.. and i didnt deceived you le.. the car really are nissan.. altho its a toy one.. lolz... uwahaha... got another better clip.. but cant be uploaded due to too big the size.. that one got showed how my tayar rolled off after drifted.... haha..

Angel Valerie said...

cis, cilaka u jing. i keep fit for what? u cannot enter ur own car also already, u dont realize meh?

i strangle u when i get back to KL next week. u wait, u just wait, u "genius!"

JiNG said...

Wuahahhaha... sorry sorry... haha

Anonymous said...

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