Thursday, August 02, 2007

I took more than 5 minutes to find out what are the most important things that determine the meaning of life. Haha.. I separate them into five diferent group - namely LOVE, TIME , FRIENDS, FAMILY, DREAMS (randomly listed, so doesn't means love are the most important). Well, money is not one of it, because money brings comfort to life, not meaning.

First of all, I start with LOVE of our life. Well, within this so call LOVE, it can be divided into few diferents type of love. God's love : The highest level of love amont all other love, but still, its you who will determine whether its important or not. Too often in our life that we shouted we love HiM, some might even dare to say we offer up our whole life to Him. But then, how many of us are truely in love with Him? He said " how you treat my ppl, thats how you treat me", but how many of us care for the ppl around us? So often we walk and pass through the begger without a blink of eyes on them thinking that all these beggers are fake one. How many of us will eventually offer help to those in need? Many says they dont have the changes to do so, but as far as I concerned, there're so many old folks home out there, so many blind centre awaits you out there, and yet we find excuses for ourslf. So this is what we call LOVE? You answer it yourslf.
Let's talk about human love then, how much do you love your partner? So much that you can actually love her for one thousand or Ten thousand years? Wah.. you cant even live that long brother, but gals nowaday like to hear those words also.. Cant help it.. haha .. ok ok .. jk nia.. Now, when we said that we truely in love with our partner, do we really mean it? We human always fall for the care and concern from the another half, we like being care and loved, we like the situation where there's a person that will be there for you all the times, where he or she can comfort you when you're down, can wipe your tears when you cried, can share the happiness with you forever and ever. But how if somedays, they are no longer be able to so? How if he or she might have situation where he or she need to lie on bed for the rest of his life? Will we be able love her/him the same way we did before? You will be the one that give out love and care this time, without any payback from your partner, can you make it? Many might scold me for using the word "payback", some might tell me love is not like that, love is powerful.. Well, I believe in the power of love, but how many of us really took seriously in these things so called love? You answer it to yourself.
Well, above are my opinion about love, both God's LOVE and Human's LOVE. So here's a little about me in those two fields. For God's Love, 4 to 5 years ago, I might still be able to declare that I wanna serve Him forever and ever. But things do changed and the sad part is that it changed to worse. Miss masses for me now is like, a normal things to do. What happened to me actually? Only God and I knows. Will I be able to gain enough strength and courage to start all over again? I'll try..

As for Human's Love, nah.. Even tho I seems quite desperate to get one right now, but I do realise, I dont have the gut to start any. All the memories of hurting and being hurts, it became a big wall infront of me which seems so impossible to be broken. But hey, I'm JiNG, nothing is impossible in me.. HAHA.. I will somehow, break thro this wall somedays~!!! But no rush lar for now, cos now I'm more to the another part of life, DREAMs.. well, this post is about LOVE only, so next post will be TIME.. at last I found some topic to write .. haha..


apa hal u so sentimental also, grandpa? miss me so much, is it? hahaha...

but... love... well, i dont know how to define this term because im being blurred with a lot of things right now.

stay happy, grandpa!!