Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Genius will also face Hardship..

Because of Convo, I will need to cut my hair this week.. For me, It's ok to cut my hair.. but I dunno which hair cut should i go for... It's either to keep my style now, or go for almost bald head... haih.. Really dunno which to choose d.. What say you?? haha. .

This hair can make me more mature and looks more serious, in which helps a lot when it comes to works.

But I also like almost-bald head.. Its more comfortable.. But with this head, I might have less confidence when I walk outside.. I looks not-serious at all, in which may cause troubles during works.. wuahahaha.. so which one??

I decided to cut almost-bald head after i watched Die Hard 4.0 and Invicible target.. It's not ugly to be bald after all.. It can be cool also.. haha.. But I wanna keep my hair like Nicholas Tse le.. haih.. What should i do?? waukaakka


Helen said...

Get a wig lar..

long hair for kau lui and short hair for work.

cibol said...

botak chin dude! That's the way to go. Like beckham, wenworth miller .. Cool. Bad boy looks sells dude. Confirm!

clement said...

ha ha, cibol, him botak gives me chills

clement said...

and jing, what on earh is charlene pointing? your crotch?

kennethwong said...

made it mohican style.. looks cool. hahahaa

conan_cat said...

lol cut saja la... go find a shop wif good director hairstylists and ask them to cut for you, i always let my hairstylist do the work and i just tell them i want to keep it long or short nia hahhaa...

but i like short hair on you lor based on the pic, i think nicer!! :D

JiNG said...

Helen - So gals like long hair?? wauahha.. omg.. i just cut my hair..

Cibol - botak chin i heard he is not handsome lar.. haha beckham .. yaya.. tats one of the reason i wanna cut also.. haha

Clement - see?? i cut my hair can help ppl happy.. wei da le.. haha and hey.. she is pointing at my beg lar.. hahaa..

Kenneth - hey.. wats that ?? i never heard before.. haha

Conan_cat- yeah.. I kinda like my short hair also.. haha.. But i never trust hairstylist.. last time got one saloon cut my hair as my hair are cloth.. shit her.. all segi empat cuting nia.. really diu her.. haha

Alice said...

aih...too late to say something!!!
I hope you didn't bald yourself, did you??

Ay WeN said...

buaya king..since when you admire Nicholas Tse so much ar? Dunno who say he very "yong sui" and not leng chai one ler..but now wanna have the hairstyle same like Nicholas pula

My suggestion is go for the hairstyle such as Daniel Wu! For sure will let all the "sui mui mui" out there crazy about u =) Trust me!!! I don't LIE!!!

kennethwong said...

nehhh, macam org mexican. beckham did it before. only d middle hair

JiNG said...

alice - guess what?? waiuakakkaka... u shit lar.. so late baru reply.. too late lor... nasi sudah menjadi bubur... kakaka

Ay Wen - wei wei wei... u mixed up wrongly lar.. i said nicholas leng chai, daniel not leng chai.. daniel wu only very yao yeng.. but i cut-ed my hair like beckham d.. waakakkakak

Kenneth - hahahaha.. those lipat lipat ur hair one ar?? walau eh.. cant lar..my hair too few to do such style.. keke

Angel Valerie said...

u already botak?
u already botak??
u already botak???
u already botak????
u already botak?????

it literally means... u already cut your hair? eh, cut more la. go bald, just like Bruce Willis did in his movie! go, go!

JiNG said...

lol... botak d.. no more choice.. kakakka