Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Aiyak.. My naugthy fren draw me this.. sob sob..

Ever heard of the chinese's habit that whenever there's accident, the first things u must find are the plate number? Yeah.. I always do that.. but never took any action to go to the shop and bought some.. damn.. I really dont know whats the logic behind this, but its proven that whenever there's any accident occured, the number of the plates will have high pontential to win MONEY.. hmm.. anyone out there knew anything about this? HaHa..It's sound stupid to ask all this but who knows some VooDoo practical might pass by my blog?? keke
Whenever there's any accident, everyone around the victim will be busy to find the plates number while the car owner will be extreamly busy to hide their plates.. haha.. It's because according to chinese's Habit again, you will become very very very Bad luck if too many ppl buy your plates number... haha.. Foo Chow ppl say "King ne May Sei wor"(Kena Buy till bad luck)..
Why I suddenly touch this topic??? huh?? The reason is .. Nah.. See my post title.. Yeah.. " I KENA LOTTERI~!! YEAH~!!!!!! " How much i win?? haha.. So sad I dont have chances to say all those verse.. shit man.. Remember the civic's accident that i mentioned in my last post entitled " Long Awaiting Ijok's Dinner? Those who went back tat nite and went to the TOTO shop went buy the motorbike number for sunday, Damn.. He shud be shouting out loud now.. Aiyak~!! Why I never go and buy le... sob sob sob.. so Damn SAD.. looks like i dont have Jodoh with MONEY.. sad sad..


u believe in that too meh, grandpa? if kena, buy a new laptop for me.


orang foo chow? My husband also orang foo chow from sibu. I never believe in this lor, so I never kena lottery, Hahaha


i won't be able to make it to kl, have to be in brunei on the date you're graduating. ha ha


yo "GENIUS"... follow up the link from the naive gal i finally found u...

"GENIUS"ehh~ wat a genius u are...LOL

since i no longer can post a thing on tat naive gal, then i go straight to u then...

u can call me watever u wan...but wat i say is not entirely wrong. thus i remain it as it is i'm here not to argue... jus to clear something out... i DIN brought up the issue of "Period" in her comment. it's jus a question... wat? even a question can offence her? then it's not we who are being rude but it's u guys n gal there being too sensitive... hmmm except for those malays then i hav no blame~

BF thing is same as above...geee hell i know wat "PROB" she's in... is it a question tat sensitive to malaysian?

send this to her if u wan...

To the naive gal... u gonna think twice before blogging ur thing gal... dun always think of those tat offence o hurt u... oso think of those u might hurted n offence... sure tat is ur blog n u can write wat u wan...but...PEOPLE is looking as u say... anything can be an offence to anyone...

well enough talking "shit" here, i bet u still wan to lan jiao wit me more...but...i passed... u wan jus lan jiao them in the post...i have to stop this stuff

sometimes...bad comment do look bad when u see it with color eyes n...ya it's hurt... but is better to slap them n wake them up than letting them accepting nice sweet word n keep on doing same mistake. mistake o not she done i dun know...BUT... blaming everything out without knowing herself wrong o not... tat IS WRONG... at least to me i feel tat way

well... see ya...if got chances... i guess no chance though...since we are in different field of k of ur naive gal

those with a nice life can never know those with a bad life's situation are in

wonderer...ended here


angel - i dont believe also cant lar.. so many times d.. but i never kena.. sob sob..

irene - lolz.. my hometown just beside sibu.. one hour journey.. aiyak.. its voo doo thingy.. cant believe it 100%

Clement - aiyak... nvm lar.. present come enuf d.. wuaakakka mana mana??

Anonymous Wonderer- =.="" you so desperate need to say this all out to me ar?? until u so desperately go and find link to my blog?? haha.. guess what, since u so got heart to try and wake me up, i will dedicate a nice post for u lor.. LOLZ..


Anonymous Wonderer, you have been really popular lately, you know? Until I can't stand it anymore. It's not that you are too popular that hurts my ear, but your naiveness is getting on my nerve as well. Let me quote what you said. You said,

"To the naive gal... u gonna think twice before blogging ur thing gal... dun always think of those tat offence o hurt u... oso think of those u might hurted n offence... sure tat is ur blog n u can write wat u wan...but...PEOPLE is looking as u say... anything can be an offence to anyone..."

Well, this proves that your statement is so damn true cos I AM LOOKING at what you said too. And it somehow offended me a little bit.. well, at least enough for me to dedicate a long comment for you in Jing's comment. "Anything can be an offence to anyone..." <--Remember???

Duh..complicated.. but that's the way you are making things seem to be.

Friend, or .. Wonderer (if you prefer), think twice before you blurt a single word out from your mouth la. You are shooting yourself with your own words. And it makes you look stupid, naive and honestly, r-e-t-a-r-d-e-d.

Just leave the issues of naive gal on her own la. IF she wants to put the blame on anyone, let her be. She has the right to do so and you are nobody to comment cos you are only a WONDERER, you see? But if you will die if you don't comment, let me give you a friendly advice.

"Don't visit her link and don't read what she blogs cos it will hurt your eyes and tempt you to do sth more stupid and you will live longer"

I dont wanna see you die.

I rest my case. Thank you.


=.="" walau eh.. i just post a post to ajar him yet i found out ur english are much more better lar.. walau eh.. nice nice.. oledi say out whatever things i wanna said d.. wuaakkakak.. shud hired you to write for me.. sob sob.. keke


No wonder i see so many similarities between your latest entry with mine la.. Thought you copied mine.. muahahaha Anyways, this proved one thing again; that the wonderer is so damn shoot-able.