Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Refer to the previous post's comment.. This Anonymous so called "The Wonderer".. eh.. no no .. suppose to be called "the wonderer"(you not worth to be Capitaled), hmm.. how to continue this sentence ar.. haha.. sorry sorry.. ok ok.. This wonderer leave some comment on my friend site and claimed that my friend are naive.. Hm.. lost?? ok .. This friend of mine faced some problem and was in sad condition when she wrote the post in her OWN blog.. Then this wonderer came and said all those fucking disturbing words. So I get pissed off and replied him in an impolite way also ;P .. keke.. But damn.. He come to my blog and leave some fucking comment again.. See below.. The Green one are his Comment.. The blue one are my Replied to him..

Anonymous said...

yo "GENIUS"... follow up the link from the naive gal i finally found u...

"GENIUS"ehh~ wat a genius u are...LOL

since i no longer can post a thing on tat naive gal, then i go straight to u then...

u can call me watever u wan...but wat i say is not entirely wrong. thus i remain it as it is i'm here not to argue... jus to clear something out... i DIN brought up the issue of "Period" in her comment. it's jus a question... wat? even a question can offence her? then it's not we who are being rude but it's u guys n gal there being too sensitive... hmmm except for those malays then i hav no blame~

BF thing is same as above...geee hell i know wat "PROB" she's in... is it a question tat sensitive to malaysian?

send this to her if u wan...

To the naive gal... u gonna think twice before blogging ur thing gal... dun always think of those tat offence o hurt u... oso think of those u might hurted n offence... sure tat is ur blog n u can write wat u wan...but...PEOPLE is looking as u say... anything can be an offence to anyone...

well enough talking "shit" here, i bet u still wan to lan jiao wit me more...but...i passed... u wan jus lan jiao them in the post...i have to stop this stuff

sometimes...bad comment do look bad when u see it with color eyes n...ya it's hurt... but is better to slap them n wake them up than letting them accepting nice sweet word n keep on doing same mistake. mistake o not she done i dun know...BUT... blaming everything out without knowing herself wrong o not... tat IS WRONG... at least to me i feel tat way

well... see ya...if got chances... i guess no chance though...since we are in different field of k of ur naive gal

those with a nice life can never know those with a bad life's situation are in

wonderer...ended here

Haih.. Sometimes i really beh tahan with those who are hipocript and yet, pretend to be so nice and good.. I lagi beh tahan with those baka who trying to teach others about the mistake and yet, they do what they say is wrong.. Aiks.. My english is not good here but let me explain a bit about what this wonderer has done..

First, he said " i'm here not to argue... ".. yet he continue to shoot me and the gal. By saying we are too sensitive lar wat lar .. bla bla bla lar.. ]

Second he said "send this to her if u wan... " .. Having said these even when he know she will surely saw this comments by herself.. What a stupid way to play with words..

Then he said " oso think of those u might hurted n offence".. He just did what he adviced the gal not to do.. Eh.. Think twice before you write your post because you might hurt or offence someone? Then do you Shit your Brain twice before commented all this? Too bad man.. cos it offended me d.. how?? how?? now who are the bad guy??

"well enough talking "shit" here", AND "i have to stop this stuff "
Damn hipo you.. Your mouth say wanna stop this stuff, then why start it in the first place anyway?? If you know you are talking shit here.. why talk then?? This is not like other messenger where wat you type you cant get it back, and yet when you realised all this are SHIT, then for what FUCKING reason were you presssing the post button?? nah.. one reason, A hipocript is talking here..

For the paragraph I highlighted in RED colour... He first said, "slap them to wake them up from making the same mistake".. Right after that he continue to said, "mistake o not she done I DUNNO".. WTF??? So you dont even know whether she done any wrong or not, yet you choose to shoot her?? .. HAHA.. you are funny lar.. Because after that.. you said "blaming everything out without knowing herself wrong o not... tat IS WRONG... " Oooo.. So when you blame her while you dont even know whether she is right or wrong, TAT ONE IS NOT WRONG hor?? I guess i need to give you my title d lor, GENIUS~!!!!

"those with a nice life can never know those with a bad life's situation are in " - HAHAHA... this is even more funny.. You are actually shooting at yourself?? From the situation here, it looks like its you who never knew how bad her experiences were... Nice one..

One last thing.. he said he rather slap to wake his friends up and stop them from doing same mistake again... But.. this Loser Gay dont even dare to put his real name on it. Come on... Why so scared since you are a "friend"?? I say what i Think and i Do what i hold on to.. I'm JiNG here.. See?? so easy to declare who you are when you are not doing something wrong..

Nah.. I'm tired now and too bad i dont have a good english skill to burst out everything thats in my mind right now.. NVM lar.. TatA lar la all~!!! NiteZZ..


pissed off? Well let's just call that's a GREETING to u...LOL

Fine whatever u say did make sense. i AM insulting EVERYONE!! N here i say no more. U right, i hav no right to "shoot" anyone of u out there.

Well since this post i din much to argue...since u entertain me so well( is interesting) i won't go on disturbing u n ur gal there anymore.

hmmm... offence u i might be n here i apologize to u, to that naive gal

worst mind i having here, so no suitable name i hold, thus making the name "WONDERER"

If u insist...the name is Lun...well none of ur fren u know n hers too...jus... a wanderer that wanderer around n "playing around"

This comment has been removed by the author.

Sorry to hear you din buy the lottery...

Or maybe you did and want to throw potential kidnappers off track? lol


Wonderer - lol~!!! YEAH~!!! You are trapped.. buu... You SAID"""well enough talking "shit" here, i bet u still wan to lan jiao wit me more...but...i passed... u wan jus lan jiao them in the post...i have to stop this stuff """" --- My post doesnt have any purpose of insulting you or whoever.. I just wanna test if you will still leave comment here altho you said you wanna stop the stuff d.. WUAKAKAKAKKAKAKAKKA.... Yeah..PROVEN you are such a hipo man who never hold to your own words.. .. kakaka.

Helen - Aiyak~!! IF tomolo suddenly got ppl trying to kidnap me, i will report your name first.. hahhaha


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