Saturday, August 18, 2007

(Aiks.. I hide my face like this, they can't find me rite?? ;P)

OMG~!!! I've being reading through blogs and blogs from Project Petalingstreet and I can see that Damn many Bloggers were daring themserves to protest against our Government... Although my last post was about NAMEWEE, but that doesn't really count as one... There are damn many famous blogger out there, were lifting up all their voices to the government.

And Shit~!! Government were warning all the bloggers not to cincai cakap and beware of what we post in our blog... YET, on the other hand, Dr M said Bloggers were the last hope of the country... OMG~!!! Contradicting here and there in the ministries was also one of the sign that Malaysia is not unity enuf.. How to celebrate 50th Merdeka day like this???

AND OH LY SHUIITTT~~~~!!!!! A DAMN famous Blogger K~S, posted something really daring on his site, to bravely burst out all the worries of the bloggers nowaday. Nowadays, sini tangkap lar sana masuk lokap lar, apa apa pun boleh jadi.. Kerana kita berada di negara yang SERBA BoLEH~!! Haih.. Now is 1.40am in the morning of 18th August.. I have a very bad feeling around my head on whats going to happen after this.. cham cham.. Dont believe me?? Aiyak~! Go visit K-S site and Lagu lagi then you will know what Im talking about.. (@@)!!! Sakit palak ni.. ( Bagi pihak orang lain.. keke)

AiYAK~!!! I better go pray hard now that Malaysia will stay in peace condition.. Like what NAMEWEE said, Yeah.. I love my country.. I dont want in next 13 days to come, I will need to bring pistol with me whenever I'm outside my house.. Please dont make a day like tat to occur.. kekeke.. Why can't all just sit down, have a nice Yam Cha session and we settle off every misunderstanding lor.. ok?? ok or not?? Last time got ppl declare All malaysian blogger nites out, May be now we can have a ALL MALAYSIAN YAM CHA GATHERING?? 30th August, 11.00pm , every single living things in malaysia sit down, and have a nice chat.. keke.. what say u?? kekeke

Nite nite..


I didn't know such blog. I will check it out. :-)

Have a nice weekend!


k~s is kenny sia, he too famous.. i dont dare to put his real name there.. wuahahahahha


oh u mean his video with the singing wan ah? dman cool wei~ lol


Little polaris -- yeah.. cool man.. but i was freak out when i saw a famous blogger almost like declaring war against government.. haha

bob k -- No thanks.. thanks for the visit also.. haha


=.="" wauhaha.. tag me? ok ok ..